Andrei Vashkevich

Andrei Vashkevich, advocate, managing partner at Lex Torre Law Office (Belarus)
Head of dispute resolution practice and Real estate & construction practice

Career: In practice since 1990.

Languages: Belarusian, Russian, German
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Corporate Law, M&A
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy
  • Administrative Law
Andrei Vashkevich has extensive experience in resolving commercial disputes and litigation, focusing on corporate and construction disputes, including banking, fraudulent, contractual disputes, international sale of goods and commodity disputes, and has carried out regulatory and investigative work on a number of issues clients, legal support in concluding investment agreements with the Republic of Belarus, implementation of construction projects, both with domestic and international elements.
He has over 30 years' experience advising and acting for clients.

International Arbitration Court at the Belarusian Сhamber of Commerce and Industry

Member of the Methodological Council of the Minsk City Bar Association.


  • Member of the Ukrainian Arbitration Association (UAA).
  • Member of the Presidium of the Arbitrators board of the Union of Lawyers (Belarus).

In 2006 was awarded by the Belarusian Republican Union of Lawyers with the highest juridical prize "Femida".
    • Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus), Law Faculty.
    • FIDIC Contracts Training Course. Module 1 ADVANCED.


    Andrei Vashkevich is listed as lawyer recommended for cooperation in the Republic of Belarus in a range of international legal ratings since 2001:
    Chambers Global,
    Chambers Europe,
    Who's Who Legal,
    The Legal 500,
    The Best Lawyers.
    Chambers Global 2020 - Dispute Resolution - Band 1
    "Andrei Vashkevich left Stepanovski, Papakul and Partners in May 2019 to establish his own office, Lex Torre law office. He is a vastly experienced litigator who is held in high regard by market sources. "He can provide us with different options so we know what to expect in this or that situation," remarks one interviewee, adding: "He always thinks several steps ahead." He is noted for his wealth of experience in construction-related disputes"
      Chambers Europe 2020 - Dispute Resolution - Band 1
      Andrei Vashkevich co-established Lex Torre Law Office in 2019. He has extensive expertise in handling construction-related disputes. He maintains a stellar reputation in the market, with sources praising his "understanding the mindset of the client and the opponent." Interviewees also appreciate his"ability to explain the risks and propose a strategy"
        Chambers Global 2019 - Dispute Resolution – Band 1
        "Andrei Vashkevich is excellent tactician and strategist with rich experience of judicial representation», who is able to foresee the development of the situation"
          The Legal 500 - 2017 - Dispute resolution, Real estate and construction – Leading Expert
          Chambers Global 2015 - Dispute Resolution – Band 1
          «Богатый опыт в судебных спорах, глубокие познания в сфере корпоративного права и разрешения споров в сфере строительства»
          EXPERIENCE >
          Dispute Resolution
          Litigations concerning a construction contract with a foreign contractor to recover unjustified enrichment and liquidated damages for about USD 5 mln.

          A litigation on termination of joint real estate construction for over USD 2 mln.

          A litigation with local authorities on land seizure and restitution of the seizure-related losses for over USD 300,000.

          A litigation on contestation of a general meeting decision on repurchase of shares for over USD 400,000 by a joint-stock company.

          A litigation on appellation of a tax agency's resolution on land fee collection for over USD 250,000.

          Litigations between shareholders concerning control over a company with a net asset value in excess USD 3 mln.

          A litigation on contestation of a real estate purchase and sale agreement, within the process of bankruptcy, for over USD 200,000.

          Real Estate & Construction
          Advising and following up on conclusion of an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus, adoption of an individual act of the President of the Republic of Belarus for an investment project implementation, advising on a design contract (FIDIC White Book) for about USD 100 mln.

          Reviewing a draft general contractor agreement (FIDIC Yellow Book), harmonizing with the laws of Belarus, advising on construction project procurement procedures for about USD 500 mln.

          Advising and following up on investor transactions for design and construction business centers in Minsk for over USD 60 mln.

          Advising on design and construction of a residential settlement in Minsk Oblast for over USD 20 mln.

          Other Experience:
          Advising on a merger of insurance companies in Belarus with assets exceeding USD 10 mln;
          Advising and following-up on transactions on takeover of a Belarusian bank for about USD 30 mln.

          Advising on a transaction on provision of a credit by a foreign bank for a project on financing a large Belarusian industrial enterprise for over USD 50 mln with a pledge of property and securities.

          Advising on insolvency matters and pre-trial turnaround of an entity with assets exceeding USD 7 mln.

          Representing creditors in a bankruptcy process with assets exceeding USD 40 mln.

          The author of more than 50 professional publications.


          Andrei Vashkevich is widely published on the topic of construction law, litigation, commercial and contract law.
          Legal services in Belarus. Back to the future?
          August 2021
          In November 2021 all law offices in Belarus stop its functioning. Liquidation of law offices is a result of changes in the legislation on advocacy. What does this mean for clients?
            Conflict of interest in the activities of Belarusian lawyers
            August 2020
            Applying to a foreign lawyer is always risky. This is an unfamiliar specialist working in another country, according to the laws not known to the client. What are the quality standards of assistance, are there rules of professional ethics, are they observed in practice? What should a foreign lawyer do in case of a conflict of interest? Is the lawyer obliged to refuse the client's assignment if this threatens the interests of another lawyer's client?
              Who is who among the lawyers in Belarus?
              June 2020
              Do you start a business in another jurisdiction? Do you hire top managers in a subsidiary company abroad? Did you win a tender for construction in a foreign country? Do you resolve a dispute in a foreign court? You will definitely need local lawyers. It is most likely that lawyers you know and trust will not know in detail the law and practice of another country. Sending your lawyers abroad is difficult and expensive. Therefore, you have to rely on people you do not know and have never seen before
                Belarusian courts activities during the pandemic. What changed?
                May 2020
                Belarus has not suspended court activities. Belarusian courts are working. Claims and applications are accepted. Court hearings are held. Disinfection is carried out in courts; dispensers with disinfectant fluids are installed. Judges and court personnel wear masks and gloves. Applications, motions, court judgements are sent by e-mail mostly. If there are many representatives in a case, including witnesses or experts, judges suggest postponing consideration of the case
                  Reasons and ways contractors aren't paid to with impunity.
                  How to protect developers and end customers
                  The Economic Newspaper, April 2020
                  Project documentation cannot account all possible factors that a contractor will meet when it starts to build a facility. Allowances and errors are common and inevitable in project documentation.
                  That's why the legislation establishes the obligation of a customer to consider timely the notices of the contractor about deficiencies in project documentation, the need for additional works
                    What to do if a Customer Does Not Sign the Acts / Does Not Pay?
          , February 2020
                    • Check customer's solvency
                    • While drafting executive documentation, make copies for yourself or keep the executive documentation in duplicate.
                    • Do not accumulate debt - file complaints.
                    • Do not correct acts if you are not sure in your rightness
                      How to Check a Belarusian Partner?
                      January 2020
                      Working with foreign partners often results in non-payments. Courts work effectively, but real recovery takes time. A foreign partner can initiate bankruptcy proceedings, and the amounts may appear not recoverable at all. In such circumstances, regular updating of information about a business partner's standing significantly increases the chances to receive the amounts due

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