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How to Check
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Working with foreign partners often results in non-payments. Courts work effectively, but real recovery takes time. A foreign partner can initiate bankruptcy proceedings, and the amounts may appear not recoverable at all. In such circumstances, regular updating of information about a business partner's standing significantly increases the chances to receive the amounts due.

In a number of states, information on companies and entrepreneurs, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, information about the founders (participants, shareholders) and directors, is publicly available. Paid resources provide for an opportunity to get comprehensive information about the financial conditions, litigations and other significant aspects of the activity.

In Belarus access to companies' information is limited. It will be impossible to obtain information about financial situation in the company (balance sheets, profit and loss statements, etc.) Nevertheless, numerous Internet resources provide for the data, which will help to understand your business partner's general standing. The information is provided in Russian.
1. Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs

Brief information about registration and current status of the company or entrepreneur can be obtained (acting, in bankruptcy, in liquidation).

A full statement can be obtained for a fee, when contacting the registration authorities (please, see below in section "Paid resources").

2. Unified State Register on Bankruptcies

The following information can be obtained:

  • about a debtor (legal and actual addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, etc.);
  • about a case (a claimant, case number, court considering the case, etc.);
  • about a bankruptcy administrator;
  • milestone dates, information on the current status of proceedings (protection period, bankruptcy proceedings, etc.), including an extract from a court ruling or a summary.

3. Database of the companies and entrepreneurs having taxes, fees (duties), penalties to the budget overdue

The database is updated monthly. The amount of debt is not indicated.

4. Database of the companies having compulsory insurance payments overdue

Information is published only about the companies with debts over 100 BYN (about 50 USD).

5. Database of bad-faith suppliers

The information available includes:

  • the name of the supplier, its registration number;
  • contact details (addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

6. Information about writ proceedings

Can be found on the website of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus in the section "Writ proceedings" of a corresponding economic court.

For instance, the Economic court of the city of Minsk:

The following information is specified:

  • names of a debtor and applicant;
  • a case number;
  • date of applying to the court;
  • amount of debt;
  • current status of the case.

7. Information about court hearings in economic courts

The below data can be obtained:

  • names of a claimant and defendant;
  • a case number;
  • a judge hearing the case;
  • date of the hearing and case subject.
1. Comprehensive information from

An integrated paid resource, which combines all the information about a company from legal address to litigations and enforcement proceedings. The resource also informs the user about changes in the status of a company.

2. Unified State Register of Real Estate, Rights to It and Transactions with It

This resource can be of interest primarily to pledgeholders. At the address or cadastral (inventory) number it is possible to receive an electronic statement for any real estate object, with current rights and restrictions.

There is also an opportunity to receive an extract in respect of any real estate object by applying to an organization for state registration and land cadaster. The extract costs about 5 Euro for one object.

3. Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs

A paid extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs can be obtained by applying to the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance, National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, local executive and regulatory authorities. The extract contains the information about the current status and address of the company, its founders and shareholders (except for joint stock companies). The cost of the extract is about 12 Euro for one company.

4. Register of debtors in enforcement proceedings

The source provides for brief reference information:

- enforcement body (for example, the enforcement department of the Oktyabrsky district of Minsk, etc.);

- the number of enforcement proceedings of a company, including those in execution and completed.

The amounts of debts are not identified. To update the information it is necessary to contact the enforcement bodies.

5. Register of movable property encumbered with pledge

Information is provided free of charge only for a number of state bodies, as well as pledgeholders and notaries – but only in relation to the movable property, information about the pledge of which is recorded by them.

Information about the pledge of securities and property rights, as well as about pledges governed by budget, tax and customs legislation, is not indicated in the register.
* This article is made as of 17 January 2020.

** This article is intended to provide general information and is not meant to be construed as legal advice.
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