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Lex Torre

Lex Torre law office is located in Minsk (Belarus).

Our lawyers have strong reputations in a wide range of fields, including commercial dispute resolution, construction and engineering, international arbitration.

Lex Torre is dedicated to providing outstanding service, listening to customer needs and being reachable at all times. This enable us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners.

Lex Torre lawyers are members of the Minsk City Bar. Our lawyers have experience in representing clients in major arbitral institutions (ICC, SCC, VIAC, LCIA), as well as in state courts in Belarus and other jurisdictions. Alexandre Khrapoutski is accredited and internationally recognised arbitrator.


We provide reliable protection of your interests in court
(both state and arbitration),
we advise and help to resolve legal issues.

Dispute Resolution
  • Disputes involving foreign individuals and legal entities
  • Disputes related to antimonopoly laws and unfair competition
  • Tax disputes and disputes with other state bodies
  • Corporate disputes
  • Disputes related to real estate and construction
  • Debt collection and settlement
  • Disputes related to intellectual property
  • Disputes arising from bankruptcy proceedings
International Commercial Arbitration
  • Assessment of the prospects of arbitration, advice on strategy and tactics
  • Representation of interests at the stage of pre-arbitration dispute settlement
  • Advice on execution of an arbitration agreement, choosing an arbitration institution, appointing and challenging arbitrators
  • Support during arbitration proceedings
  • Assistance in the recognition, enforcement, annulment of arbitral awards
Real Estate & Construction
  • Legal due diligence of real estate, including land plots
  • Choosing the optimal model for acquiring of or investing in real estate, with consideration of safety, economy and further efficient use.
  • Legal support to transactions, including investment agreements with the Republic of Belarus; lease of real estate.
  • Adaptation of foreign standard forms, in particular FIDIC, to Belarusian legislation.
  • Protection of the owners' interests in the seizure of real estate for state needs.
Corporate Law, M&A
  • Legal Due Diligence (LDD).
  • Recommendations on the management model and corporate structure.
  • Support to transactions for the sale and purchase of a business.
  • Inheritance of a business.
Banking & Finance
  • Support to transactions on attraction of borrowed financing, restructuring of liabilities
  • Rendering a Legal Opinion
  • Support to creation, reorganization, liquidation of banks, non-bank credit companies, microfinance organizations, insurance and leasing companies
  • Assistance in dealing with troubled indebtedness
Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Registration of an intellectual property object, support to the transfer of rights thereto
  • Creating a business using intellectual property
  • Moderation of relationships between business and authors/copyright holders
  • Choosing an effective scheme for the use of intellectual property

Our advantages

A European-level law office capable of responding effectively to customer requests and protecting their interests.
We have experience
in Belarus and abroad
in state and arbitration courts
We are licensed lawyers, members of the bar association, we follow the standards of the profession, standing on protecting the interests of the client.
Rationality, professionalism,
balance and synergy are our values.
Lex Torre
Law Office
Cimirazieva str., 67, office 1101, post box 5
Minsk, Belarus 220035

Phone +375 17 25 090 26
Mobile +375 29 38 090 39 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp)
Fax +375 17 396 90 26


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