Commercial and Investment arbitration

The Arbitration Practice of Lex Torre Law Office is comprised of advocates recognized by colleagues and clients, leaders in international commercial arbitration and dispute resolution.

We constantly practice as arbitrators, representatives of the parties and counsels in arbitration.

We base our priorities on the clients' interests, professional ethics, impeccable reputation, adherence to the standards of arbitration proceedings. We typically conduct our own advocacy in clients' arbitration cases, delivering cost savings and ensuring our advocates are involved from the very start of proceedings. Our approach to the conduct of matters is always informed by our advocacy experience.

Our specialist practitioners are qualified in diferent jurisdictions and fluent in numerous languages.

Our advocates are elected as arbitrators. Head of our team regularly sit as arbitrators and hold key positions with the leading arbitral institutions and/or legal associations. This confirms our experience and knowledge, authority and international recognition.

Our experience allows us to most effectively represent our clients' best commercial interests. We know international arbitration and highly appreciate it.

What we do

Оценка перспектив и рисков арбитражного разбирательства, возможности арбитража конкретных споров, определение тактики и стратегии разбирательства
Assessment of prospects and risks
of arbitration proceedings, the possibility of arbitrating specific disputes, elaboration of tactics and strategy of the proceedings.
Представление интересов на доарбитражной стадии разрешения споров
Representation of interests
at the pre-arbitration stage of dispute resolution.
Консультации по вопросам заключения арбитражного соглашения, выбора арбитражного института, места арбитража, назначения и отвода арбитров
on entering into an arbitration agreement, choosing an arbitration institution, seat of arbitration, appointment and challenge of arbitrators
Полное сопровождение арбитражного разбирательства в качестве представителей
Full support
of arbitration proceedings as the representatives of the parties in international arbitration institutions and the Republic of Belarus.
Assistance in recognition and enforcement
of arbitral awards.
    International commercial arbitration is a familiarity with other legal systems and traditions, which gives an understanding of law. In our practice, the substantive law of Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, England, Switzerland, Cyprus, France, Austria, Lithuania was applied. We have considerable experience in arbitration based on customs and commercial practice (lex mercatoria) and the provisions of the Vienna Convention (CISG).

    Our experience includes arbitration proceedings in the SCC, ICC, VIAC, LCIA, ICSID, International Arbitration Court at the BelCCI, International Commercial Arbitration Court at the RF CCI, International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian CCI.

    We protect the interests of our clients in international disputes over sales contracts, construction contracts, contracts for various services, software development contracts, etc. Lex Torre Law Offece's international arbitration expertise spans the full range of sectors in which arbitration is used.
      We are proud to work with prominent foreign lawyers and contribute to the development of international arbitration. In particular by:

      • participation in the development of the Prague Rules on the Efficient Conduct of Proceedings in International Arbitration,
      • participation in the development of the Online Arbitration Rules of the Russian Arbitration Association,
      • participation in the development of the Rules for the Chamber of Arbitrators at the Union of Lawyers of the Republic of Belarus,
      • organizing and holding events for the development of international commercial arbitration.

      We are particularly proud of the organization of the annual Eastern European Dispute Resolution Forum (EEDRF).


      Alexandre Khrapoutski has been involved in international commercial arbitration since 2000. Mr. Khrapoutski is a Head of the Lex Torre International Arbitration Practice. He acts as counsel and as arbitrator in international arbitration proceedings. He also assists clients in arbitration-related, cross-border litigation. He has participated in more than 50 arbitral proceedings as chairman of tribunal, sole arbitrator, party-appointed arbitrator and counsel under the arbitration rules of ICC, SCC, VIAC, LCIA, the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is founder and organising committee co-chairman of the Eastern European Dispute Resolution Forum (EEDRF, Minsk, Belarus) and coordinator of the working group on drafting of Rules on the Efficient Conduct of Proceedings in International Arbitration (Prague Rules). Member of the Editorial Board of the ARBITRATION JOURNAL (
      Partner, advocate at Lex Torre Law Office (Minsk, Belarus), ICC member, MCIArb
      Alexandre Khrapoutski
      Partner, Advocate, Head of Arbitration Practice
      International commercial and investment arbitration is the main focus of specialization and expertise of Advocate Maksim Zhukov. In this sphere Mr. Zhukov has extensive experience in advising, estimation of perspectives in arbitration proceedings and acting as a party's counsel in leading arbitration institutions (ICC, SCC, VIAC, LCIA, ICAC at Russian CCI, IAC at BelCCI). He is a member of the Working Group for Investment Arbitration of the Russian Arbitration Association.
      Mazim Zhukov is widely published on the topic of international commercial arbitration.
      Maksim Zhukov, advocate at Lex Torre Law Office (Minsk, Belarus)
      Maksim Zhukov
      Andrei Vashkevich has extensive experience in resolving commercial disputes and litigation, focusing on corporate and construction disputes, including banking, fraudulent, contractual disputes, international sale of goods and commodity disputes, and has carried out regulatory and investigative work on a number of issues clients, legal support in concluding investment agreements with the Republic of Belarus, implementation of construction projects, both with domestic and international elements. He has over 30 years' experience acting for clients. Mr. Vashkevich is a member of the Presidium of the Arbitrators board of the Union of Lawyers (Belarus), Member of the Ukrainian Arbitration Association (UAA), Arbitrator of the International Arbitration Court at the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Andrei Vashkevich is widely published on the topic of dispute resolution.
      Вашкевич Андрей Станиславович, управляющий партнер АБ "Лекс Торре", рекомендованный арбитр МАС при БелТПП, член презилиума Палаты арбитров при Союзе юристов, член Украинской арбитражной ассоциации
      Andrei Vashkevich
      Managing Partner, Advocate

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